Michael Olson


Mike grew up in a family full of outdoor enthusiasts. If they weren't on the water chasing Walleyes, Crappies, or Sunfish; they were in the woods hunting, trapping, and exploring. At a young age he helped his grandpa with a fish hatchery from trapping to stocking. This love of the outdoors lead to him fishing in tournaments from the MTT and Team Extreme to the AIM Series and the NWT. 

Fish Addictions TV, based out of Eastern North Dakota is hosted by Michael Olson, Professional Walleye Angler, Father, and Student of the outdoors, and supported by a Pro Staff of driven anglers who share a common passion for the outdoors and helping to usher in the next generation of Fishermen, Huntresses, and Conservationists.

Fish Addictions Team travels the Midwest to learn all they can about finding what memories swim just under our lakes and rivers and share the lessons learned, the camaraderie built, and passion with our great supporters through our blogs, TV Shows, fishing reports and in person at every bait shop we come across.