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5 Tips For Cold Snap Crappies

Top 5 Tips for Cold Snap Crappies

So you finally got a day off work, the honey-do list is done, you call your buddies, your going fishing tomorrow. Then it happens, the forecast changes, now it’s going to be stupid cold out. Here are 5 things I learned during our last trip out fishing for crappies in sub-zero temperatures. The full episode is out on our YouTube Page now! Check it out!

1. Dress Correctly, dress correctly, dress correctly. The best way to be successful on the water no matter the weather is to be comfortable, and if comfortable isn’t an option at least make sure you won’t be miserable. When my alarm went off and I checked the weather it said that it was -39 Degrees Fahrenheit. Starting with my feet: wool socks, thermal insoles, and good boots. Legs: compression shorts, long johns, jogger sweatpants, Eskimo Keeper Bibs. Torso: Long sleeve thermal liner, Samurai Hoodie, Aftco Reaper Hoodie, Eskimo Flag Chaser Vest, Eskimo Keeper Jacket. Head: Good stocking cap + hood up. Hands: Merino Wool Fingerless gloves, Fish Monkey Mittens.

2. Make a plan before you go out on the lake. When we went out to search for Crappies, we had a plan to check 3 of the deeper holes in the lake first to avoid searching everywhere. We set up on the first hole, saw fish on the LiveScope, caught a few and set the shacks up to get comfortable. After 30 minutes we realized that our fish were gone, and it was time to move.

3. Be ready to move: I know tip 2 is to have a plan. But sometimes you have to scrap the plan and play the fish. We went out with the intentions of setting up shacks, staying warm, and catching Crappies; unfortunately, the fish did not agree with us and we found out we would need to hole hop to have a good day of fishing. Thankfully we followed step #1 and were dressed to be outside in the brutal temps.

4. Keep the school engaged. Sometimes the hardest part of chasing Crappies through the ice, is how fast they can move. With LiveScope, we are able to tell what direction the school of fish is moving and leap frog each other to stay in front of the school so that we can intercept them. When one of us hooked up with a fish, we made sure to have another person there, ready to drop down that same hole and take advantage of the school being “heated”

5. Take care of yourself! I know that tip number 5 is normally a joke about me being a big dude, making sure I have etc… This time I really mean it though. When it is that cold out, you don’t realize how much fluid you are losing. I realized on our way home that I hadn’t had anything to drink in 23 hours… My body hurt, my brain wasn’t working correctly, and I woke up with a “hangover” from not drinking anything.

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