• Thor Skoe

5 Tips for Erie

Getting to work with Fish Addictions TV and co-hosting The Reel Talk Podcast has been an amazing experience but has created a weird dynamic in my life. I get to use the best equipment on the market, I get to fish the coolest locations, talk to some of the most powerful and influential people in the fishing industry, my average fish size keeps climbing thanks to the guys around me, and people have started turning to me for advice. The advice part of this has always made me nervous. To be blunt I have always been a mediocre angler who loves to learn and try to teach. Here are my 5 Tips from a mediocre angler about traveling to Lake Erie for GIANT WALLEYES.

1. It’s a long ass drive. At least from where we are in Grand Forks. Plan for this. We spent 16 hours in the truck going to and from Port Clinton, Ohio. Cell phone chargers, snacks, beverages, neck pillows are all a must. But the most important part is bringing a good attitude, we had a blast for 14 out of our 16 hours of driving (Chicago is not fun to pull a boat through).

2. Be prepared for everything. On a lake the size of Erie you simply don’t get to fish everyday that you are there. Our first morning was blowing waves into shore at roughly 14’. Don’t go out in that, it’s simply not worth it. Pack rain gear, snow gear (if you’re there early in the year like we were) sun gear, warm gear, and something to do on the days you can’t get out on the lake.

3. Be ready to learn. In our boat we had Dusty our trusty cameraman, Suzuki Pro Mike Olson, Travis Johnson aka BDR aka Tom Schwamy and me. Mike was the only one in our boat with any experience with fishing big water and pulling boards but he was patient with us and explained the process so that by the final day Travis and I could almost put out our four boards as quick as he could.

4. Take advantage of the technology that is available to you. When you are taking on a lake like Erie you need to use every advantage that you can. Talk to the folks at bait shops, talk to locals, scour the internet. Color matters, depth matters, location matters, speed matters. Check the Lake Erie MODIS Imagery to find the cleanest water that you can, it doesn’t matter how many fish you can see on your graph if they can’t see your bait.

5. Have Fun. That’s why we do this. If you aren’t having fun while you are on a fishing trip you are doing it wrong. My stomach is still sore from the jokes told while we were in the boat last week. Pack your snacks, our cooler looked like we gave a 5-year-old $200 and sent them loose in a gas station. Even if we hadn’t caught any fish during our trip it still would have been a success.

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