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5 Tips for Your First SnoBear Trip

So…. You’re Going on Your First SnoBear Trip.

Take it from me…

5 things you need to know.

Clearly something cool has happened and led you here to our blog. Either you planned a SnoBear trip with a guide, you bought a SnoBear, or if you are lucky like me your boss got his hands on a SnoBear! After our first trip to Lake of the Woods with the Bear I wanted to share my thoughts, and 5 tips to get ready for your first trip in a SnoBear. These are awesome machines and can change the way you view ice fishing. We were able to stay out on the lake later, fish longer, move easier, be more comfortable. I don't want to share to much to early but you can watch our whole trip to Lake of the Woods here!! (Links are included to make additional research easier)

1. You are more than likely not going to go outside. Change the way that you dress. On a recent trip to Lake of the Woods, the only time that I stepped outside was to get in the SnoBear, or to take Olive out to play in the snow. We wore boots, and bibs during our trip on Lake of the Woods, but I would have been comfortable bringing a pair of slippers, and some sweatpants with! (Make sure to have warm gear packed in case of an emergency)

2. We have all been making the move to using longer fishing rods when we are ice fishing, and I hate to break your hearts, but when you’re fishing in a SnoBear you are going to want to look for some shorter rods. On our first trip in the SnoBear, we found that using the 32” Dead Stick from 2B Fishing and the 34” Spoon Daddy from 2B Fishing made for a perfect pair of jigging and dead sticking in the SnoBear.

3. We have been running LiveScope and Panoptix ever since they became available to the public, and one of the best things about fishing in the SnoBear, is that you can use the Garmin 1223xsv to network one LiveScope unit to TV’s in the SnoBear for everyone to use! This was awesome for us because all three of us could use the LiveScope at the same time and know what the other people were seeing.

4. If you are buying your own SnoBear, make sure that you are working with a dealer who is willing to customize your Bear to your needs. We work with I29 Outdoors in Hilsboro, North Dakota who helped us trick out our SnoBear to fit our needs. We even filmed the process. You can check out the video here.

5. Pretty sure this will always be tip #5… always make sure to remember snacks. When you are able to spend the day ice fishing in complete comfort you remember things like being thirsty, or being hungry. We made use of the buddy flex and cooker during our last trip to cook hotdogs and have a warm meal on the ice which was outstanding!

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