• Anthony Kleinwachter

Coconut Crusted Crappies

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

If you are looking for a new way to prepare fish and enjoy coconut shrimp, then this recipe is for you!

1 lb Crappie, or other fish (perch, panfish, walleye)

Cut fillets in half into strips

Dip filets into ½ cup seasoned flour, S&P, garlic, cayenne and lemon pepper (use whatever you like)

Dip filets into 2 beaten egg whites

Dip filets into mixture of 1 cup bread crumbs and 1 cup coconut flakes

Deep fry at 350° for 4-5 minutes for very crispy filets. You could also bake at 375° on a greased pan for 9-10 minutes

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