• Chris Rothmeier

Is the drive worth it?

13-ish hours one way. 1,700 plus miles round trip. Throw in a little weather on the way out, and after its all said and done, would I take this trip again? ABSOLUTELY. Now every trip seems to have that one hiccup, or flat tire, or weather-related issue that adds to the memories associated with said trip. The best you can do is plan, and plan, and plan some more to try and stay ahead of the game to set yourself up to have the best possible experience and that’s what we did.

We hit a homerun on this trip with excellent fishing weather, cooperation from the fish, the camping, the cooking, and the comradery made it one of the most memorable trips I’ve ever been on. It helps to have a good group of buddies. It was nearly as fun watching the excitement of someone else catching a fish as it was to bring one topside yourself. I haven’t laughed until my stomach hurt in a long time. Trips like this are good for the mind. A break from the dead of winter. Breathtaking scenery. Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. A body of water that reminds you that you are quite small in comparison to your surroundings. Getting you out of your comfort zone by sleeping on a cot in a hub, washing your hands in the lake, not showering for … ahhhhh ... a few days and having a mind filled with memories to run through on your 13(ish) hour ride home.

This crossed of an item on my bucket list and then was immediately added back to that list. I will see you again Peck. Come summer or winter.

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